12 MBA Graduates Receive Seal of Biliteracy

Over 140 seniors walked across New Haven graduation stages this year with diplomas certifying that they are proficient in multiple languages. This was the first year that all nine standard New Haven Public Schools offered students the chance to earn the Connecticut State Seal of Biliteracy. To earn the stamp on their diploma, students must meet all their English language graduation requirements plus pass a standardized test for another language. “Whether kids grow up with dialectical or standard versions of their first language, this is still an accomplishment. I spoke Southern dialect growing up and there were quite a few bridges I had to cross to get to standard English,” said Board of Edu

NHA, HSC, Metro Kick Off Drive-By Grads

The pandemic prevented the city from holding traditional ceremonies before crowds of hundreds or thousands at each school. Officials found a way of ensuring that seniors still had the experience of in-person graduation, cheered on by their families, teachers, and administrators: Set up a stage at Lighthouse Point Park. Have masked school officials at the stage. Have each family drive up, one at a time, as the seniors pop out one at time to come accept their diplomas amid congratulations. Principal Mike Crocco said the school and district worked to include the most important aspects of graduation at the drive-through ceremony. He also said he’d be interested in hosting an annual parade for gr

Valedictorian Speech Class of 2020 Following is the text of the valedictory address delivered Wednesday by Metropolitan Business Academy’s Adrian Huq (pictured), who plans to major in environmental studies at Tufts University. Good evening students, families, friends, teachers, staff, and all listeners tuning in from New Haven and beyond. Thank you to WYBC for providing me with this platform to share my message and to the staff at Metro who made this amazing opportunity possible. Thank you to my friends, family, and teachers who have shaped me into the person I am today, helped me thrive, and of course helped me get to this point. I am so honored to be

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