Earth Building Collective Strikes Gold

Saturday, members of the collective kicked off their eight to nine weeks of earth building by making a large pile of mud and straw, working it until the surface was thick, smooth and glossy. Watching professional earth builder Matteo Lundgren for tips, they began to build out stone circles, practicing laying larger stones on thick mud to form earth-made bricks and mortar. One of those earth builders was 16-year-old Rakema Suggs, a student at Metropolitan Business Academy who lives in Westville Manor, and heard about the program from her mom. For the past several years, Suggs has made pallet benches with Solar Youth, and was excited to get her hands dirty with a new project. “It’s better to d

Students Rally For Climate

In a speech at the rally, Adrian Adara Huq, 16, said that climate change “does not discriminate based on age, race or other parts of our identities. It is the biggest threat to humans as a species. We must keep climate action at the forefront our minds.” Click on the video to hear their full speech. New Haven high school students gathered on the Green at Church and Chapel streets Friday afternoon to join fellow students from around the globe to demand action on climate change. Their rally, part of an international movement called Fridays for Future, called for passage of the Congressional “Green New Deal” proposal as well as a “New Haven Emergency Resolution to Restore a Safe Climate.” The N

What Do Teachers Teach Each Other? A Lot

While he was completing his master’s program at the University of New Haven, Max Comando interned at Hill Regional Career High School. He taught whole units by himself over weeks, but he recognized that he was using someone else’s material. “It wasn’t really mine,” he said. By the time he arrived at Metropolitan Business Academy, the stakes felt “a lot higher.” “Having my own classroom was really nerve-wracking,” he said. “There’s a real sense of ownership.” As he figured out how to keep the attention of 25-odd young minds each period, Comando often turned to fellow teacher Julia Miller for help. She was also new in the building, but she’d been teaching for nearly a decade in Brooklyn. Mille

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