High School Tests A Non-Test Idea

In making the case for charter schools, Malachi Bridges challenged the views of his teachers, as well as the rationale for standardized tests. Bridges doesn’t attend a charter school. He used to. Now he’s a senior at a traditional magnet public school, Metropolitan Business Academy Interdistrict Magnet High School on Water Street. Metro has engaged Bridges and his schoolmates this fall in an experiment measuring what they’ve learned. Building on similar experiments in New York City, proponents hope this idea can replace high-stakes standardized tests like SATs and Common Core. Metro’s social studies teachers got together to draw up a common five-day lesson plan for all their students in grad

Students at the Metropolitan Business Academy discuss performance-based assessments with teachers an

Federal and state laws require student take several standardized tests each year, but critics argue that these so-called high stakes tests aren't a reliable way to see how well students know certain subjects. Schools in New Haven are among many in Connecticut and throughout the region that's been giving its students a different kind of assessment -- one that's based on performance. Here's how it works: Students work throughout the year creating small projects that show what they're learning. "You're building off of what you learned as a student and how well you can perform," said Wayde Whichard, a junior at the Metropolitan Business Academy high school. "When you share the work that you're d

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