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"MBA is an honorable institution of learning, enrichment, and inclusivity as well as an invaluable community partner in promoting GLSEN's overall mission of safe schools for all students, regardless of sexual orientation and gender identity/ expression... Please regard Metropolitan Business Academy as one of GLSEN Connecticut's most powerful and invaluable partners in the shared goal of making schools safer for all students." Alberto Cifuentes, Jr., MSW, Professional Development & Community Outreach Coordinator for GLSEN Connecticut

"Student led conferences take the place of report card nights and our children present a summary of their work.  This makes them think critically about their present and their future, and we’ve watched our son grow in his ability to synthesize information as a result.  The teachers communicate with us easily and are always accessible, collaborating with our son and us to create the best academic program for him... SPMT gives me the chance to sit at the table with teachers and administrators as they strive to create the best learning environment possible given the constraints of budget, and of multiple different students from the gamut of socioeconomic situations. I have truly been impressed with the dedication, the interest, the attention to detail, and the creativity with which they approach their work. I see educators who truly have the best interests of each and every student at heart. " Mary Z., MBA Parent of a Senior

"Canal Dock Boathouse, Inc., a CT non-profit corporation, endeavors to provide, among other activities, non-motorized boating opportunities for public school students in the City of New Haven. Through a partnership with Metropolitan Business Academy, CDBi was able to launch its first initiative in the fall of 2014. By working together in the 2014-2015 school year dozens of students put their hands on rowing machines for the first time. Only through working with the supportive and dedicated MBA administrators and teachers has CDBi been able to successfully launch these new initiatives in New Haven. We look forward to continuing to grow our relationship with MBA and hopefully expand our offerings to other activities and to more students." John Pescatore, President of Canal Dock Boathouse, Inc. (CDBi)

"I have gained immense experience working with community partners and mentoring younger students.  My communication skills have gotten so much better during my time at MBA. I love serving my community!" Mya, Grade 11

"Coming to MBA was the best decision I ever made. This school helped me to become more focused and to develop persistence." Jonathan, Class of 2016

"I like how Metro is run, because our school doesn't tolerate bullying, and we have a peaceful environment." Kiadara, Class of 2019

"Metropolitan Business Academy has developed and sustained a meaningful partnership with Bishop Woods Executive Academy since 2012, supporting the alignment of middle school and high school transition priorities. Student Ambassadors at MBA lead workshops for grade 8 students in preparation for secondary school.  Past workshops include High School Transition, Developing Professional Habits, Compromise and Collaboration, and Respecting Diversity. The peer-to-peer relationships established are extremely valuable and support the social-emotional growth of our students." Cara Campo, Partnership Coordinator at Bishop Woods Executive Academy

"I love how diverse the school is and how open and caring the teachers are." Serenity, Class of 2020

"Some of the things I love most about my choice to attend Metropolitan are the students, and how the teachers are engaging and offer many resources so you can succeed." Adara, Class of 2020

"I like that all students and staff members are friendly and supportive in you becoming a good student." Marqus, Class of 2020

"Teachers are available for extra help during lunch or after school, so no student is left behind or doesn't understand what is being taught in class." Palek, Class of 2020

"I love attending MBA, because everybody's willing to help each other and help them fit in." Eemonie, Class of 2020

"What I love most about coming to Metro is not only the relationships that I've built here, but the academic options, too. I love how this school provides classes that correspond with my future goals." Savannah, Class of 2019

"This year has been great in every category possible. The teachers are amazing, there's always an option to fix your grade, and most students are usually motivating me to be great. Did I forget to mention that every Friday we get out of school at 12:30! There is nothing but good things to say about my experience in MBA." Erik, Class of 2021

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