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Metropolitan is a full college preparatory program that offers students four academic paths of study.  These pathways are supported by the 21st Century Competencies.  Metropolitan is committed to offering students opportunities to apply its core values of Innovation, Integrity and Involvement through project-based learning using state of the art technology, student leadership positions, internships, and community service.


Students at Metropolitan Business Academy choose a course of study in one of four academic pathways.


Explanation of Academic Pathways

  • The Academy of Allied Health and Science prepares students to pursue further education toward a career in the medical sciences through rigorous specialized curriculum and community based partnerships.
  • The Academy of Digital Arts and Technology provides students with opportunities to build digital media literacy skills with a focus on innovation using animation, web and graphic design, programming, multimedia, and e-commerce.
  • The Academy of Finance connects students with the world of financial services, offering a curriculum that covers banking and credit, financial planning, accounting, business psychology, and e-commerce and entrepreneurship.
  • The Academy of Law and Political Science prepares students to pursue further education toward a career in law, political activism, journalism, criminal justice, community action, and public service.

MBA does not host “Meet the Teacher Night” or “Report Card Night.”  Instead, we have Student-Led Conferences (SLC), which are set by appointment with your child’s advisor.  A full explanation of SLCs is in our Parent Student Handbook and in the menu to the left. The upcoming dates of this year's SLCs are November 30, 2023, February 15, 2024, and May 2, 2024.


Every senior is required to deliver their 21st Century Portfolio Defense during the third trimester.

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