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Guardians and families are regularly involved with the Metropolitan school community.  They meet with their child's advisor during Student Led Conferences, visit the school to meet with support staff, attend school meetings like SPMT and PTSO, and engage with Parentlinks and correspondence from the school about important opportunities, deadlines and activities.


In what ways are you able to participate in your child's education?  Please contact Lauren Chicoski to share ideas. or (475)220-7707.


  • Attend PTSO meetings

  • Register your ShopRite Grocery Card with MBA. Go to and use our school code 50063 to register.

  • Register your Stop and Shop card with MBA. Go to and sign up with our school. Our code is 14442.

  • Chaperone a field trip

  • Be a guest speaker during Advocacy Day or Career Day

  • Suggest agencies for Advocacy Day or Career Day

  • Support a class project or mentor a student

  • Volunteer for an after-school activity

  • Organize a community service project for a group of students

  • Open your business for a field trip

  • Provide an internship placement

  • Organize educational workshops for other parents

  • Attend Student Led Conferences

  • Support fundraising efforts

Parents and students will attend Student Led Conferences on
 October 14, February 3, and May 5.
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