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NHA, HSC, Metro Kick Off Drive-By Grads

The pandemic prevented the city from holding traditional ceremonies before crowds of hundreds or thousands at each school. Officials found a way of ensuring that seniors still had the experience of in-person graduation, cheered on by their families, teachers, and administrators: Set up a stage at Lighthouse Point Park. Have masked school officials at the stage. Have each family drive up, one at a time, as the seniors pop out one at time to come accept their diplomas amid congratulations.

Principal Mike Crocco said the school and district worked to include the most important aspects of graduation at the drive-through ceremony. He also said he’d be interested in hosting an annual parade for graduating seniors, building on this year’s event.

Many of the senior’s families’ cars were decked out for the occasion. Nancy Monter’s car (pictured above) reflected her Mexican heritage. It was her mom’s idea, she said.

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