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We Are Not Caterpillars

The following is a poem written by Metropolitan Business Academy student Keiara Orr and republished from the magazine Elm City Sage.

“We Are Not Caterpillars”

Alliteration Cute Caterpillars Crawl Creating a Crowd of Curious eyes, Kind-hearted Kids Know, The Thin, Tiny little Thing wants Time alone. Sleeping Soundly, Still, and Sweetly Unknown…Untouched. We Write our Wishes and Weep the Weekdays. Butterflies…Blooming Bright Bigger than Blue-mooned nights. Danger and Deaths of Dreams we now Deny, Faking Freak Feelings For Others’ Frail eyes.

Elm City Sage is a new digital magazine published by New Haven Public Schools English teachers. The writers and artists featured in the magazine are high school students from schools throughout the district. The first edition came out on April 21. Read the full magazine here or here. High schoolers can submit their work at this website.


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