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"Choose Love" Mural

Last year, several students made an art mural in response to the tragedy in Sandy Hook and the work the Jesse Lewis Choose Love Foundation has done since then. They incorporated themes of healing, nurturing, love, and courage. Senator Richard Blumenthal brought them to Washington, DC and now they are on display in the Russell Senate Office Building.

Senator Richard Blumenthal - "My personal commitment to social and emotional learning grew from the horrific days after Sandy Hook, when I sat in Scarlett Lewis’ living room and learned about her son, Jesse, who possessed an emotional intelligence far beyond his years. This week, Jesse’s gifts of courage, gratitude, and forgiveness are on display, exhibited in the art work of Connecticut students who are learning from his example how to maintain positive relationships, show empathy and compassion, manage emotions, and curb bullying. It’s my honor to host these beautiful, touching murals in the United States Senate. I hope that visitors to Capitol Hill will take a moment to visit this exhibit and feel inspired by the student artists on display to Choose Love."

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