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Plans after high school are an important part of the Guidance role with the students of Metropolitan Business Academy.


Students are always welcome to make appointments with a guidance counselor to discuss their post secondary plans.  We can help to match students with colleges and support the application process.  Underclassmen can also benefit from meetings with the guidance department to talk about career interests, skills and options, and productive academic habits which may open doors of opportunity for them upon graduating.

Junior College Planning Presentation

This presentation provides everything you need to know about the college process from junior year until your students enter college.

Senior To-Do Checklist

A helpful list of things seniors need to do!


A Four Year Plan

Freshman Year

  • Take the PSAT’s seriously! Not only is it practice, but scholarships and colleges use these scores to identify you as a possible recruit to their school or scholarship program.

  • Learn good study habits and use them.

  • Take a Career Interest Inventory with your guidance counselor to explore the areas where you are strong and what interests you for a possible career.


Sophomore Year

  • Keep taking courses that interest and challenge you.

  • Complete your community service in a field that you may be considering for a career.

  • Take the PSAT’s seriously.

  • Hone your study skills and explore your strengths and weaknesses in academics so you know where you need to work harder to have a well balanced transcript.


Junior Year

  • Have your resume ready.

  • Create a Collegeboard account and link it to Khan Academy for SAT practice.

  • Sign up for’s SAT question of the day and do practice tests as often as possible.

  • Take the SAT during school.

  • Have your college essay written by the end of Junior year. You can continue to perfect it when you apply, but it can take the pressure off of your summer.

  • Explore college campuses over the summer before senior year. Get an idea of what kind of environment you want in a school.

  • Over the summer, organize schools that you are definitely interested in applying to. Use the College Organizational Chart to keep track of important college information.


Senior Year

  • Request Letters of Recommendation from your teachers and Guidance Counselors.  Submit requests with enough time so they have time to write you a letter without missing deadlines.

  • Register and Take the September or October SAT.

  • Finalize your college essay.

  • Start applying to colleges online.

  • Meet with your guidance counselor to send out all additional materials. You should have the majority of your applications submitted to colleges before Thanksgiving Break.


Searching for the Right College and Applying


Interactive, Virtual  College Tours and Campus Maps

Use the links below to explore some options after high school.

Practice & Register for the SAT test | Conduct a personal college search | Research various schools

An alternative to the SAT test for college admission, the AC T test provides a science section and words their questions differently, making it a great alternative for the SAT test.

Students explore technical schools and trade options.

Explore over 1200 college campuses with a virtual campus tour | Contact admissions of each school | create a college portfolio of your favorite schools for easy comparison.

An easy to understand navigation too for getting into college and getting financial aid

Focus on preparation and practice to improve your performance in the classroom and on standardized tests | Explore the complexities of the college admissions process

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