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Welcome to Metropolitan!

Metropolitan is a full college preparatory program that offers students four academic paths of study.  These pathways are supported by the 21st Century Competencies.  Metropolitan is committed to offering students opportunities to apply its core values of Innovation, Integrity and Involvement through project-based learning using state of the art technology, student leadership positions, internships, and community service.

What's happening at Metro

After-School Clubs - As we learn about after-school opportunities, we post them to our Clubs and Programs page and to our social media. Follow us @officialmbahappenings

SENIORS! - LAST CALL TO APPLY FOR A SPRING 2022 COLLEGE CLASS! Are you interested in taking a college class beyond your high school day starting this January? Please click through this link to apply: NHPS's Initial CBC Application. DEADLINE is October 15th!

Students who previously participated in College Before College are reminded that they must re-apply EVERY semester to secure this opportunity. Please follow the directions above to re-apply, if you have not done so already. I will respond to every applicant after October 15th. Please watch for Ms. Reinshagen's messages in your email.

Work Permits - To have working papers issued by the Office of School Choice & Enrollment, the student must have an official Promise of Employment letter. The Promise of Employment letter must detail the minor’s legal name, the rate of pay, hours and a specific list of tasks they will be performing and be on the company’s letterhead. The Enrollment Office will not accept forms missing information. Please note, students must be hired prior to requesting working papers.


  • The parent or the minor child must email the Promise of Employment letter along with proof of age (if the child is not currently enrolled in a New Haven Public School) to

  • Once received the Office of School Choice & Enrollment will process the signed and stamped working paper to the parent or minor child. This should be presented to the employer for record keeping and compliance. Typically, working papers are processed and available within 24 to 48 hours.

  • A staff member from the Office of School Choice & Enrollment will contact the student once the working papers are complete and ready for pick-up. 


As the Enrollment Office is closed to the general public at this time, all items may be picked up at the security desk of 54 Meadow Street. The envelope will be sealed and bare the name of the minor child to be employed.

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