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Culturally Relevant Pedagogy (CRP)

Articles, Resources & More

White Privilege: Unpacking the Invisible Backpack by Peggy McIntosh

Assessments of Deeper Learning Infographic

Resources to Help Students Cope with Trauma by John Schlitt, President, School-Based Health Alliance

The Achievement Gap and the Role of Critical Education by Rebel Teacher

The Building Blocks of Learning by David Brooks, New York Times

Trauma Matters Newsletter, a publication produced by the CT Women's Consortium and the CT Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services in support of the CT Trauma Initiative

What White Children Need to Know About Race by Ali Michael and Eleonoa Bartoli

Helping Traumatized Children Learn: A Report and Policy Agenda by the Massachusetts Advocates for Children

U.S. Education Reform and the Maintenance of White Supremacy through Structural Violence by Deborah Keisch and Tim Scott

Hope, Healing, and Care: Pushing the Boundaries of Civic Engagement for African American Youth by shawn Ginwright

Starting the Conversation: College and Your Mental Health by the National Alliance on Mental Illness

Measuring What Matters by Mike Schmoker

Racial Injustice and Trauma: African Americans in the U.S. by the National Child Traumatic Stress Network Position Statement

Why The Academic Achievement Gap Is A Racist Idea by Ibram X. Kendi

Building Connection Through Diversity by Dr. Cynthia Garcia Coll, Dr. Robin Cook-Nobles, and Dr. Janet Surrey

Let's Talk about Racism in Schools (Vitriol and violence connected to race ar running high. K-12 classrooms are where we must start to build an equitable, nonracist society) by Rick Wormeli

Students Facing Poverty: The New Majority by Steve Suitts

Unconscious Bias: When Good intentions Aren't Enough by Sarah E. Fiarman

Know the Signs Guide by Sandy Hook Promise

Do your grading policies undermine equity initiatives by Joe Feldman

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