• Complete the Yearbook Survey, which includes your senior quote, biographical information, and questions to polls that the yearbook committee created.


  • Send 1 baby picture and 1 personal picture, like you with friends or family. This will be included in your bio section. Email all pictures to mbayearbook2020@gmail.com with information about who is in the photo(s).


  • Last day to vote for senior superlatives. Superlative photos will be taken when we return to school. VOTING HAS CLOSED.


DUE BY April 19, 2020 – Last day to customize your 2 free pages at treering.com! Each student who purchases a yearbook can get 2 free custom pages. All seniors need to do is click on the TreeRing logo on the school website (Students tab > Yearbook) and follow instructions to set up an account. If you decide to customize your free pages, you must buy the yearbook directly from TreeRing. The price is $40. If you decide not to make your custom pages, you can make your $40 yearbook payment in cash directly to the yearbook advisor, Dr. Chicoski; you can still submit baby pictures and participate in the survey for the bio section.


We will accept any pictures – clubs, programs, sports, candids, selfies, etc – up until May 1, 2020, but the sooner you send them, the more likely they are to end up in the yearbook! Email pictures to mbayearbook2020@gmail.com with information about who is in the photo(s).

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Here are additional ways you can contribute to the yearbook.

  • Send pictures of after-school clubs

  • Send pictures of classroom activities
  • Send Senior Pictures and Baby Pictures
  • Take pictures of an event
  • Send us student quotes
  • Write a description of a school happening
  • Tell us what's trending for your grade level
  • Contact us below or in person if you are interested in writing, design, editing, and photography.
  • Anything else you can think of

Contact our 2019-2020 Yearbook Staff

Lauren Chicoski, Primary Chief Editor, mbayearbook2020@gmail.com

Darlaney Chanthinith, Chief Editor

Palek Singh, Staff Editor

Yearbook Timeline

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