All students are expected to wear uniform tops and uniform bottoms. Clothing should be neutral without logos OR with the MBA logo. The MBA logo is not required, but can be purchased at orientation and throughout the year with Ms. Puglisi, principal.


The choices for uniform tops are long-sleeved or short-sleeved: white polo shirt, navy polo shirt, white oxford button down shirt, light blue oxford button down shirt.


The choices for uniform bottoms are: khaki pants, navy pants, khaki skirt, navy skirt, knee length navy shorts without cargo pockets, knee length khaki shorts without cargo pockets.


You may obtain clothing from any provider.  Metro custom uniforms are optional.  You may purchase hoodies, windbreakers or collared shirts at orientation and throughout the school year.


Windbreakers $25

Hoodies $20

Polo Shirts $14

Scarves $10