Senior Meeting during Advisory November 18, 2021. Join us in a Zoom webinar to hear from a Jostens rep about class rings.

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If you intend to buy a yearbook, you will get a FREE, custom two-page spread in only your yearbook; no one else will see it but you. Create an account in TreeRing and create your two-page spread. You can purchase the yearbook from there and it will be delivered to the school. You can get started by following the tutorial video on this page. We will also host a virtual senior webinar in December to go over all this. The link will be sent to all seniors.

If you want to buy a yearbook, but do not want to make a custom two-page spread, you can simply add it to your regular senior dues. We will order it for you.

Send your baby picture, recent picture, selfies, and portrait to!!

Contact our 2021-2022 Yearbook Staff
Lauren Chicoski, Yearbook Advisor,
Alanna Edwards, Chief Editor
Jennifer Lopez, Chief Editor
Bella Raucci, Yearbook Staff
Giselle Garcia, Yearbook Staff

John Bustillo, Underclassmen Surveys

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Class of 2022 - Gown Measurements & Yearbooks